Ok, so here it is: have an idea [start a Gigg], find real talent, network and collaborate [Gigging], re-invent yourself, develop your idea, beaver away in a garage/attic/shed, create a brand, launch to a fanfare of public acclaim, be amazing, leave college/job and go global, go public, [Gigging with more people] appear on the front cover of Fortune, party with film and rock stars, buy a mansion, yacht, plane, island and retire.. then, when you’re bored and because you had so much fun the first time, have another idea and start another Gigg.

Giggit is a channel where people collaborate to make ideas happen. Inside Giggit is a network that unites every aspiring entrepreneur. If you want to be successful you don’t need money you just need to start Gigging.

- Start to develop your ideas in Giggit

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